Welcome to McCue’s Friday Five! Each week, we’ll bring you the latest and greatest from the marketing, tourism and wine industries. This week, we take a look at the Facebook testimony, SnapChat vs. Instagram, Trending Hashtags, Self-Driving Cars and Airbnb teaming up with Blue Apron.

1. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress

Image via NYTimes.com

#Zuckerberg made his first of two appearances before Congress on Wednesday and Thursday. He has been getting grilled by senators regarding the fake news items that circulated during the US presidential election, the Russian interference with political ads, and censorship of conservative media. Live updates can be found on NYTimes and The Guardian.

Last week, Facebook has announced that they removed 70 Facebook accounts, 138 Facebook Pages and 65 Instagram accounts that were controlled by the Russian Internet Research Agency. Following Facebook’s footsteps, Reddit has now banned nearly a thousand accounts run by the same Russian IRA.

How will these type of privacy concerns impact your Facebook, social and overall digital strategy?

2. Snapchat confirmed as the preferred social platform for teenagers

Image via BusinessInsider.com

While the percentage of teenagers who use Snapchat and Instagram is roughly the same, Snapchat has an advantage with 45% of teens saying the app is their favorite social platform (only 26% prefer Instagram). However, to advertisers, this might not be an issue since Instagram has about the same user base and also has better tools geared for advertising.

What are you doing to reach younger audiences on Snapchat?

3. Choosing the Right Hashtags for Destinations

Hashtags are an important tool and opportunity for travel brands to boost the strength and effectiveness of their social media marketing campaign. Having the right hashtag mix is a great way to reach your targeted audience.  We suggest a tiered approach to tags.

  • Use Hashtags commonly used for travel inspiration. #Travel #Traveling #Travelers
  • Use Hashtags specific to your location. #LosAngeles #DiscoverLA #ILoveLosAngeles
  • Use Hashtags specific to your photo. #Beach #Sunset #SummerTime
  • Use a mix of popular and niche Hashtags. #LosAngeles has 40M million tags. Your reach a giant audience, but your content will be pushed down quicker and reach a broader audience. #LosAngelesEats only has 90K tag, but you will hang around longer and will reach a more targeted audience for you.

#ProTip: Research your tags on sites like hashtagify to help find the right tags for your brand.

4. How self-driving cars will change the wine industry

Philip van Allen, a professor in the Media Design Practices states that by 2020 fully autonomous vehicles are likely to be broadly deployable. Using this technology is a positive change in the wine industry as people will be able to enjoy wine at establishments, not worry about driving and keeping the roads safe. This is only part of the package, as the AI will provide new marketing support for the wine business industry as well.

Allen notes that they are using AI to show 360 views of vineyards as well as being used for facial recognition. While touring a vineyard, AI will be able to act as a tour guide and provide information about what is around them. The AI will also be able to suggest foods that might pair well with the wines the visitors taste at the winery and advise local restaurants where the wines are available at for a second glass. He also states that his AI will soon offer wine deliveries. Yes, please!

Is your DMO ready for self-driving cars?

5. Airbnb and Blue Apron team up to deliver recipes from around the world

Image via Afar.com

Airbnb and Blue Apron are teaming up for six weeks to bring you six recipes from six countries. Each week, the popular ingredient-and-recipe meal kit service will feature a recipe developed by a local chef who hosts an Airbnb Experience. From April 16 until May 21, cooking enthusiasts can enjoy flavors from Paris, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Japan, and more! After the six weeks are up, participants may develop a taste and love for the cuisine that they are inspired to travel abroad to different countries!

We love partnerships that combine places and palate–our two favorite things!. How does your brand partner with other brands?

And that’s our Friday Five! Scroll below here to read more from this column and don’t forget to subscribe.

Julia Brodnick

About the Author, Julia Brodnick

A digital native with a flair for fashion, a passion for gaming, and a knack for visual storytelling, Julia Brodnick is wired for social media marketing.

As a Digital Media Coordinator with McCue Communications, she puts her experience and instinctive understanding of online communities to work for the agency’s social media clients, creating and sharing content that inspires audiences to engage and learn more. Since her ever-expanding world of interests also includes travel, food experiences, craft beer and wine discoveries, she throws herself into representing McCue’s tourism, culinary and wine clients with genuine enthusiasm and a keen interest in sharing what makes each brand special.

Born and raised in Southern California, Julia holds a bachelor’s degree from CSU Fullerton with a major in Sociology and a minor in Communications.

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