Welcome to McCue’s Friday Five! Each week, we’ll bring you the latest and greatest from the marketing, tourism and wine industries. This week we cover Snapchat’s Group Video Chat, closing the gap between fitness and hospitality, a case study on destination marketing through charity events, your latest Facebook update and a look at Shonda Rhime’s Scandal.

1. Group video chat with all of your friends at the same time in Snapchat!

Chat is getting a makeover: less text, more faces. You can now chat with fifteen other dog ear-filtered friends simultaneously.

Photo Credit via Snapchat

Snapchat redesigned its user experience in December by separating friends (personal relationships) from the publisher content screen. Is this their next step of creating a meaningful social platform for its users?

2. Case Study: A perfect integration of people, places and palate. Brand storytelling at it’s finest:

Every week we keep our eyes open for influencers, events, brands, campaigns, products and businesses that inspire us. This week, we are inspired by Crush Challenge: A food, Wine and Cycling Experience.

Photo via Wine Industry Advisor

Sponsored by ZD wines, this charity event integrates local chefs, restaurants and an entire region into an event that locals and tourists can be a part of. Events like this are a great way for a DMOs to involve hospitality partners, local community and travelers while effectively marketing their region as a wine country destination.  

Partnerships and community involvement are powerful opportunities for brands to capture additional audiences, create brand loyalty, and grow awareness of a region.

3. Urban Sports Resorts Are Closing the Gap Between Fitness and Hospitality

Photo via Condè Nast

By now, everyone has heard of those chic yoga retreats where you can have your Açaí bowl and eat it too, right? Wellness travel continues to thrive, with some of the most exciting hotel openings coming from… well, gyms! Giants like Equinox are keeping an eye on properties like Hotel at Midtown, which became the country’s first urban sports resort last November when it opened inside of a gym.

Fitness is no longer just something to scratch off of your to-do list.. For many, wellness is not just a perk but an impetus to travel. What are your brands doing to appeal to fitness fanatics?

4. An Update on Facebook’s Data Security Drama  

Research shows that 9% of users have canceled their account. This data is from a third-party survey, not Facebook itself. TBD on how much of an impact the last few weeks will have on businesses that invest significant amounts of capital into Facebook advertising strategies.

Facebook’s inability to satisfy user security concerns creates a gap in the market for other platforms to close in on, as well as an opportunity for conventional media to make a come-back. A surge in demand for data security and content of value will create a shift in the market.

5. Last night marked the end of an era.

Eric McCandless/ABC; Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

The season finale of Scandal. Farewell to Olivia Pope, one of the greatest on-air publicists of all time, and Shonda Rhime’s creation of much more than a tv show.

Any suggestions for the next publicists/marketers binge-worthy show?

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