Welcome to McCue’s Friday Five! Each week, we’ll bring you the latest and greatest from the marketing, tourism and wine industries. This week we will cover Marriott experimenting with home sharing, TripAdvisor Experiences, Snapchat’s new Shoppable AR Lenses for brands, money-saving travel tips and your brain on social media.

  1. Book your next stay in London in a home with Marriott International and Hostmaker

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Marriott International has found a way to make homesharing work for the hotel industry by teaming up with the London-based home rental management company, Hostmaker. During their six-month pilot partnership, travelers can book a stay in more than 200 homes in London that follow Marriott’s exacting standards regarding safety, design, security and service. Guests who stay in them receive 24/7 dedicated phone support and an in-person check-in and welcome experience while also earning loyalty points for both Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty programs.    

How could your brand get involved with this program? If you run a hotel business, would you consider a home-sharing program? If you have a product brand such as furniture or art, would you work out a product placement deal?

  1. TripAdvisor Attractions is hopping aboard the Experiences bandwagon

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TripAdvisor Attractions is being replaced with TripAdvisor Experiences. While the rebrand is mostly being used inside the company and for communications with suppliers, the “Things to do” tab on TripAdvisor and the Viator website will remain, the same when selling experiences to consumers. The term “experiences” has been rising in popularity these last few years as today’s savvy travelers prefer authentic, immersive experiences.

How are you thinking outside of your attractions? What kind of experiences can your brand offer to consumers?

  1. Snapchat is launching a new Shoppable AR Lens for brands

Snapchat is bringing augmented reality to its app with the new Shoppable AR Lens that will let advertisers turn a branded Snapchat selfie into a potential app download, purchase or video view. Users will have the option to open a link to a product page within the app and “Buy Now,” open the app if it’s already downloaded or “Install Now” and “Watch” a promoted movie or game trailer, how-to video and more.

As the leader in AR marketing, more than 70 million people play with Snapchat Lenses each day and users are sharing 250 million AR Snaps a day. Shoppable Lenses will give retail brands, technology and entertainment a direct reach straight from Snapchat’s camera.

How would you use Snapchat’s Shoppable AR Lens to promote your brand?

  1. Your brain on social media

People love to share things about themselves in person and on social media. Through every like, share and comment, dopamine is released into our brains, causing a great sense of pleasure and happiness. However, when we view another person’s content, the effects can be reversed and cause us to lose our self-control and trigger the rewards center in our brain to make impulse purchases. Though social media can lead to peer pressure, especially amongst teens, studies also show that social media use can also bring positivity into depressed teen’s lives by offering a source to reach out, create connections, and the ability to find funny content to cheer them up.

With great power comes great responsibility. How does your brand’s social media presence affect your followers psychologically? Do your posts provide pressure or positivity?

  1. Kayak and AAA are creating travel tools for Amazon Echo and Alexa

Users can “ask Kayak” using Amazon Alexa for information on a flight’s status, notification when a flight lands, or a specific time before flight land. AAA has also enabled users the ability to search for 31,000 AAA Diamond Rated restaurants using Amazon Echo. It’s no secret that today’s consumers want information instantly and easily, and these voice-based technologies are making that a reality.

How can your brand make information more accessible to consumers through voice-based technologies?

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Julia Brodnick

About the Author, Julia Brodnick

As a Digital Media Coordinator with McCue Communications, Julia puts her experience and instinctive understanding of online communities to work for the agency’s social media clients, creating and sharing content that inspires audiences to engage and learn more. Since her ever-expanding world of interests also includes travel, food experiences, craft beer and wine discoveries, she throws herself into representing McCue’s tourism, culinary and wine clients with genuine enthusiasm and a keen interest in sharing what makes each brand special.

Born and raised in Southern California, Julia holds a bachelor’s degree from CSU Fullerton with a major in Sociology and a minor in Communications.

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