Welcome to McCue’s Friday Five! Each week, we’ll bring you the latest and greatest from the marketing, tourism and wine industries. This week we cover the reality of the Cape Town water crisis & tourism, a hybrid influencer FAM/ photo tour, YouTube BrandCast, possible consumer benefits to artificial intelligence and Instagram making it possible to add music to your story.

1. Tell your own story — the Cape Town water crisis is detrimental, but its impact on tourism to the region is even harsher

Rebecca Stone/ Skift

You would think a beautiful destination like Cape Town, South Africa would be at least somewhere in the top 25 places on anyone’s bucket list, so why is tourism declining? Skift reports that tourism has dropped over the past 12 months as a result of the negative publicity surrounding their severe water crisis blankets media coverage. Despite the uneasy reality, the truth is… travelers can still live their best lives by visiting Cape Town and contributing to its tourism industry (which contributes to an estimated 10 percent of their overall GDP). They just need marketers like you to let them know that.

What concerns do travelers have about your destination? If you work with local tourism partners to employ consistent messaging that quells their travel nightmares, is there any issue you can’t overcome?

2. Profession photography company partners with influencers to create a unique destination experience

Planet D, Dave & Deb

Yes, you can definitely sign us up for a luxurious 11-day photography tour exploring Eastern Africa. The photography-focused company Discovery Photo Tours is teaming up with Forbes top travel influencers The Planet D as acting photography teachers and tour guides, taking guests on all-inclusive photo tours through Tanzania. The tour repackages organic experiences and adds a unique educational experience that guests will remember. Plus, they will have professional-quality photos of the destination to share with their family and friends when they return home–a win for both the travelers and the destination, which just scored some free marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the oldest trick in the book. How can you create unique travel experiences that encourage visitors to share your destination with their networks? Who can you partner with to reimagine well-known activities & attractions?

3. YouTube is coming for you, Silver Screen–and your advertisers, too!


Welcome to the world of beauty gurus, travel vloggers and gamers! YouTube is closing the gap between digital media and traditional television when it comes to media landscape. YouTube’s 2018 BrandCast Presentation leaves advertisers starry-eyed and the television industry shaking with talks of better analytics, better placements, more content and a positive correlation to sales and experience.

With a growing demand for video content and YouTube’s higher relevance to advertisers, how can YouTube (as a platform in itself and media buying space) be incorporated into your upcoming marketing and public relations strategy?

4. Artificial Intelligence may be slightly better at communicating with humans and providing fast solutions to consumer needs

Franck V.

Though some of us may be scared to welcome artificial intelligence (AI) into our personal lives, Marketing Week explains how it could positively impact our work lives when it comes to increasing customer experience and satisfaction. Across the pond, UK companies Virgin Holiday and Age UK incorporated AI into their workflow. With a revamped email marketing system and an online chatbot, there has been a positive transformation in their relationships with their customers.

How do you feel about having an automated side-kick? Do you believe AI can facilitate a consumer-facing task and achieve higher satisfaction than direct human interaction?

5. Instagram Stories will become mini-movies as the app develops its “Music Sticker” feature.

Photo by NeONBRAND

Our Instagram Stories are about to be on a whole other level. In addition to the traditional selfie and ever-addicting boomerang, users will soon be able to add music in the background of their Stories. The “music sticker” feature is in the works based on Facebook’s (which owns Instagram) existing deals with the world’s top record labels.

Now that you will literally be able to have a soundtrack to your life (or at least the parts of your Instagram story), how will your content evolve to engage your audiences?

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Leonard McIntosh

About the Author, Leonard McIntosh

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