In this week’s Friday Five, we will take a look at the never-ending trend of rosé, wine vs. weed, how to effectively target millennials, why Gen X is still important and an Instagram account you need to follow.

1. 40% of Millennial Women Say Instagram Is the Best Way for Brands to Reach Them

Photo Credit: Ad Week

If your brand is trying to reach that younger market, Instagram is the way to go. A recent article by Bustle also mentioned that social good and a sense of humor are the top two themes that draw users to certain ads.

Bottom line? You need an Instagram account to capture the millennial female’s attention. Also, start recycling and get a sense of humor!

2. Yes, the rosé is here to stay! Rosé sales overtook sparkling wine sales this year

Photo Credit: Lazy Creek Vineyards

Rosé has been the hot new kid on the block since 2014, and she isn’t going anywhere. For the second year in a row, rosé sales growth surpassed spirits growth, and everyone from Brangelina to Jon Bon Jovi has a brand.

Photo Credit: Quartzy

P.S. Frozé is a thing now too…See Team McCue’s favorite recipe here.

Rosé has continued to increase in market share and growth for years. How will you incorporate this into your restaurant, hotel or winery experience?

3. Wine or weed? After California’s legalization of cannabis, consumers may start reaching for the leaves instead of a bottle

Photo Credit: Rebel Coast Winery & North Bay Business Journal

Would you still drink wine if weed were just as easy to get? Studies show that wine might have to fight for its market share, now that cannabis is more readily available for purchase.  There may be a market overlap, meaning if the same consumers have more options, they may pick one and not both! Resources must be shared as well: some vineyards have already been sold and converted into cannabis farms.

Keep an eye on the cannabis market, and be prepared for shifts that affect the wine industry.

4. The wine Instagram that you need to go follow right now 👉@winederlust

Photo Credit: @winederlust

We can’t get enough of wine and travel, and this Instagram account marries the two perfectly. Check out Greig’s latest story highlight tasting his way through wineries of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

We love to pull our inspirations from blogs, books, Instagram accounts and unique brand marketing campaigns. Who do you follow for inspiration?

5. Wine marketers should focus their efforts on Gen X

Photo Credit: Forbes

The California wine industry catapulted in the 70s thanks to thirsty baby boomers. Today, wine marketers are on the lookout for the next generation of wine lovers to cater to. Though Millennials are not a group to rule out, experts suggest focusing on Gen X. Currently in their 40s and 50s, this group buys a higher volume of wine at a higher price, and the average income is $95,000 per year.

We have talked about how to reach millennials through Instagram, but don’t forget that Gen X is a valuable market as well.

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Sarah Daniel

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