Bleisure” travel takes over. Reddit on the rise. Road trips make a comeback. Read on for these stories and more of the week’s trends and news on today’s Friday Five.

1. Business travelers are adding additional time for leisure during business trips

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“Bleisure” travel is on the rise. A recent Tnooz article noted that business travelers who take more than six business trips a year often extend their stays with personal time. Business travelers plan for these type of trips similar to other travelers, researching the best things to do, see and eat to fully experience a destination after they clock out.

How can business travelers and “bleisure” trips fit into your tourism marketing efforts?

2. Reddit has become the new third most popular website in the United States

Popularity is not always a contest, but in this instance it is and Facebook is losing. Reddit, the community-based platform where you can find anything about everything, has surpassed Facebook as one of most popular websites in the United States. As stated in the article, it flies by Facebook in popularity and by the amount of time spent on the website.

With this change in the digital landscape, how can you incorporate Reddit in your marketing plan?

3. Email marketing successfully reaches consumers and positively impacts awareness

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Mailing isn’t dead…in a sense. This Marketing Land article cites a few reasons businesses should continue to invest in email marketing, including owned content, personalization, cost effectiveness and more. Despite the obvious importance and fervor for social media, email marketing continues to be well received by millennials and generation z.…. Seems like a good investment to us.

Is email marketing still a part of your marketing strategy? How can you improve your email marketing content to captivate and engage your audience?

4. Road trips are back in style for tourism

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A sense of nostalgia can be a good thing. According to Skift, road trips are making a comeback as a favored type of vacation in the United States. Grab your bucket list and pack your bags because we’re hitting the road!

How can your destination incorporate the concept of road trips to attract nostalgic travelers?

5. Darling Media partners with Alaska Airlines to produce multi-platform travel series

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Eight destinations, eight inspiring women and countless travel experiences. The independent quarterly women’s magazine Darling partnered with Alaska Airlines to produce a video series, “Go, Be You.” The series features eight West Coast destinations through the lens of eight different women with personalities reflecting the vibe of each city. The series includes video content, written content, social media content, cross-promotion from both entities and influencers and a giveaway.

What publication would you want to partner with to tell your destination’s stories?

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Leonard McIntosh

About the Author, Leonard McIntosh

After two years spent supporting public relations and social media teams at organizations such as the Newport Beach Film Festival and The Ace Agency in Orange County, Leonard joined McCue in 2016 and quickly worked his way up from PR Assistant to Account Coordinator.  A passionate traveler, Leonard lived in Florence, Italy for a summer, which served as home base for his travels through Europe. During his college tenure at CSU Fullerton, where he received his B.A. in Communications, he served as VP of Public Relations for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. He brings both his love of travel and communications skills to the job, supporting clients with media research, pitching, writing, social media content development and reporting.

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