IGTV launches, Jack Daniels vs. Château Chambord, wellness travel recommendations, Walmart’s new wine label and why travel agents are still relevant. Read on for these stories and more of the week’s trends and news on today’s Friday Five.

1. Instagram is coming for you, Youtube: IGTV is here!

Photo credit: TechCrunch

This week Instagram users discovered a brand-new icon in the corner of the app’s home screen. Inside they found IGTV: Instagram’s newest video channel feature, also accessible via a separate app. IGTV allows users to publish videos up to one hour in length, create their own channels, view, share, and interact with videos curated to their likes and interests. TechCrunch outlines in detail the most important new features and explains how creators can drive traffic to other sites from their channels. They say ads are not yet part of IGTV but suggest it would be logical for the platform to be headed in this direction.

Now that IGTV allows your channels to share hour-length videos, how will your brands use this feature to grow audiences and increase engagement?

2. Ooh la la! Jack Daniels picks a legal fight with Chateau Chambord over the right to use its own name

Photo Credit: Marc Dozier/Corbis

What’s in a name? For the Brown-Forman Corporation (American producer of Jack Daniels Whiskey and Chambord liqueur) and the French Château Chambord (famous and historic site in the Loire Valley), a name holds a lot of weight. So much so that the two entities will battle out the use of the “Chambord” name in court. The legal fight comes as the French château prepares to release wines under its own name from its newly established vineyard. Brown-Forman is claiming ownership of the name, while Château Chambord is furious, claiming that the American company cannot reappropriate a name that belongs to the French and their national heritage—at least not without royalties.

If this plays out in court, what could it mean for similar brand-identity feuds in the future?

3. TripAdvisor weighs in with its Top 10 of wellness destinations

Photo credit: Kristopher Allison

If you’re one of the many travelers who journey for physical and spiritual rejuvenation, start taking notes. Travel Pulse recently featured TripAdvisor’s data on the top ten destinations in the US for wellness travel, while highlighting the importance of this booming industry that they claim could be as valuable as $808 billion by 2020. Several California cities made the cut, along with Hawaii, Utah, Vermont, Florida and more!  

How can your brands offer rejuvenation and healing in light of the wellness tourism boom?

4. Walmart’s new wine label is here. Will it help the corporate giant reach new markets?

Photo credit: Forbes

Walmart is trying its hand at wine with the launch of its new private label, “Winemakers Selection.” Forbes reports that the new label will source its wines from France, Italy and California, retailing bottles at around $11. The private label is part of the corporate giant’s larger effort to increase profit margins by reaching their existing higher-income customers that seek premium brands in food, beverages, clothing and more. The wine industry alone is a multibillion-dollar category and one that hasn’t been Walmart’s strongest suit in the past, especially as compared to other major retailers such as Costco or Trader Joe’s.

Will Walmart become the new go-to place for consumers to buy booze? How would that affect your brand’s marketing and distribution?

5. A case for travel agents in the age of the Internet

Photo credit: jacoblund/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Did you know travel agents can do a whole lot more than book your next travel itinerary? This New York times piece lays out the lesser-known benefits that travel agents can offer, from sorting out flight mishaps during your trip, to broader advantages like personalized and long-term planning services. Their advice: find a quality agent and stick to them, since loyalty is often the price for excellent customer service.

If travel agents make their comeback as gatekeepers in travel and tourism, how can you make sure your clients are on their radar?

Written by Sophia Flores-Istin, Wine Team Account Coordinator

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