Adventure travel is on the rise, baby boomers are spending more on travel, defining local experiences, engaging with online viewers and Adidas’ innovation in marketing. Read on for these stories and more of the week’s trends and news on today’s Friday Five.

1. Adventure travel is a growing segment of tourism

Adventure travel is booming, according to a joint survey conducted by Travel Leaders Group and the Adventure Travel Trade Association. This survey of leisure-selling travel agents reflects a diverse range of adventure travelers ages 29-60, with 22% of all adventure travelers being ages 51 – 60. Something notable about the findings is the length of these trips: the majority of adventure travel trips range from 7 – 10 days, with 21% of travelers booking a whopping 11 day stays or longer. The top three destinations for adventure travel are Western Europe (France, Italy, Germany, U.K., Norway, Switzerland, etc.); Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala) and North America (U.S. and Canada). Top adventure activities including cultural tours, hiking/walking/trekking and culinary and foodie activities.

What adventures await in your destination?

2. Baby boomers are a growing demographic in tourism

Photo Credit: qimono / Pixabay

An older generation of travelers are packing their bags to find their own adventures. A recent Skift article says by 2050, 16% of the population will be 65 or older with a growing interest to explore. U.K brokerage firm Bernstein conducted research that revealed that over-65-year-olds have been a major source of travel spending growth in the U.K. for the past fifteen years. Access to retirement pensions allows this generation more opportunity to make more adventurous travel decisions. There is a possibility for this to become a global trend as older populations are projected to grow in China, Germany and the U.S. from now through 2050.

What are some methods your brand is using to market to this demographic?

3. Brands need to redefine “local” to engage customers

With a growing desire to experience authenticity while traveling, more and more people  are giving increased priority to navigating a destination like a “local”. However, according to a  recent Tnooz article, there is no clear definition on what signifies a “local experience” – some describe it as an experience unique to that destination, while others are more literal, defining it as an experience you can within a certain proximity of that destination. The article further explores this concept and examines how defining experiences impacts consumers. With sixty-three percent of travellers saying that having local experiences are very important when they travel, destination marketers should consider how they can tap into this desire and offer those experiences, despite how commonplace or “generic” they may seem.

What are some “local experiences” you can market to your customers?

4. 5 tips to engage Youtube audiences

With rapid growth in the online video landscape, engaging with viewers is a major factor in building and growing loyal customers. According to Tubefilter, toy and entertainment companies offer a compelling model to follow when it comes to engaging video viewers, such as leading with storytelling and consistency in content production. For example, with more than five million subscribers on YouTube, LEGO shared more than 5,000 videos in 2017. It is a surplus from YouTube’s recommended 3-5 posts per weeks, but shows a dedication to consistency and helps build an engaged community.

Which of these tips would you follow to build and grow your brand’s online community?

5. Adidas engages customers with non-digital influencer campaign

Photo Credit: Adidas Original via AdWeek

When was the last time a billboard caught your attention? For the launch of their new P.O.D shoe, Adidas Original opted to get the attention of influencers and engage the public by prompting influencers to pick up a pair of fresh kicks via billboard. The catch is, followers had to clue the influencers in on their larger-than-life shoutout. The Market Dive article describes the campaign as a mix of traditional marketing and customer engagement to start a conversation.

How can your brand remix traditional media to promote your brand?

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