Today’s travelers are choosing to go it alone, Facebook advertises through augmented reality, a verified influencer-only mural pops up in LA, Toyota engages wMh Millennial music fans and why digital marketers should be more like personal shoppers. Read on for these stories and more of the week’s trends and news on today’s Friday Five.

1. Today’s travelers are choosing to go it alone

The number of solo travelers is rising in popularity. According to a recent Travel Daily News article, there has been a 42% increase in solo traveler bookings over the past two years, with a large number of them being women. The ‘going it alone’ trend is becoming less of a brave and risky idea and more of an adventurous and exciting experience. With improving technology, travelers are able to use apps to check out nearby activities, events and meet people with the touch of a button.

How can your destination attract solo travelers?

2. Experience advertisements on Facebook through Augmented Reality

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

With the holiday season steadily approaching, Facebook has begun testing Augmented Reality advertisements within its news feed. The advertisements will allow users to “interact” with a variety of products, like seeing how a piece of furniture looks in their homes or trying on a pair of sunglasses.

How would your brand use AR to advertise your products?

3. Exclusive LA mural available to verified influencers only

A mural has been placed in Los Angeles for Instagram-worthy photos, but only verified influencers and users with more than 20,000 followers are allowed to pose in front of it. The mural is even guarded by a security guard and covered with a white sheet to ensure the exclusivity. Whether or not this is a stunt has not yet been revealed, but what is clear is the outrage this has caused.

What does your destination think about exclusive experiences like this? Do you think exclusivity hurts or helps brands reach their target audiencesnces?

4. Toyota sparks a 23% increase in purchase consideration among music festival fans

Toyota and Oath partnered together to live stream festivals Firefly, Panorama, Life Is Beautiful and Voodoo on both mobile and desktop devices. They developed unique videos, as well as native and display ads to engage Millennial music fans in the market for a new video. The campaign had a 23% increase in consideration to buy a Toyota from viewers who turned in for an average of 15 minutes. According to the Marketing Dive article, their partnership demonstrates how brands are leveraging live video to raise brand awareness and even drive sales, especially around events that draw more niche or targeted audiences.

What are some ways you use live video in your destination to raise brand awareness among niche or targeted audiences?

5. Digital marketers should be more like personal shoppers

Photo Credit: UpperCut Images/Getty Images

Personal shoppers learn your history and take the time to understand your preferences. They make your shopping experience easier by creating a personal connection. According to the Entrepreneur article, digital marketers should be treating their business relationships in the same way. The desire for a more personalized experience in the content, message and products that are being advertised are on the rise for consumers.

How can your brand create a more personalized and dynamic experience for consumers?

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