A trailblazer in wine media, California wines gaining popularity on international trade platforms, Condé Nast’s editorial changes, the wildfire impact on California wine and Denmark as a destination. Read on for these stories and more of the week’s trends and news on today’s Friday Five.

1. Marissa A. Ross, Wine Editor of Bon Appétit, has been featured as one of Bustle’s Rule Breakers 2018

Photo Credit: Bustle

Ross continues to shake up the world of wine media with her unconventional style of wine writing in an industry previously bound by rigidity and routine. Her passion for natural wines, as well as her quirky social media presence, landed her on Bustle’s list (though Ross attributes her inclusion to her commitment to being unapologetically herself).

Which wine industry trailblazers are you keeping your eye on this year?

2. California wines are gaining popularity among international collectors

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According to fine wine trading platform Liv-ex, California wines have gone from 0 – 3.5% trade in the last five years. Liv-ex even launched an index tracking the ten most recent vintages from famous California wine producers, such as Dominus, Opus One, Harlan Estate and Screaming Eagle from Napa and Ridge Monte Bello from the Santa Cruz Mountains. Although the California wine industry is young compared to Old World wine industry, the golden state’s wines are rapidly growing in popularity and acclaim.

What changes do you see for California wines on the international market?

3. U.S. Condé Nast Traveler and U.K. Condé Nast Traveller announced yesterday that they will combine editorial teams

The popular travel publication announced that its U.K. editorial team and U.S. editorial team will be integrated into one global editorial team that will release a single version of the magazine, beginning with the January 2019 edition. U.K. Condé Nast Traveller Editor-in-Chief Melinda Stevens will lead the new global team, while Editor-in-Chief of the U.S. edition, Pilar Guzman will step down from this title following the transition.

With the ever-changing landscape of the print and digital media world, how will this magazine’s global combination affect your travels?

4. The recent California wildfires have not harmed wineries but concerns of smoke taint are in the air

No wineries have reported damages, and the damages to physical vineyards have been minimal. However, the question on many vintners minds is whether or not the smoke lingering above the vineyards will affect this next years vintage. Most vintners feel that there will be little to no effects. Smoke taint is still not fully understood by all growers and vintners and it can be unpredictable as it is a somewhat uncharted territory.[/caption]

Time will tell how the Mendocino Complex fire will affect the next vintage. How does your wine brand react to natural disasters like wildfires?

5. Denmark continues to be a must-visit spot for tourists and it shows no signs of slowing

Although there have been fears about over-tourism, Denmark’s tourism is expected to rise 4% every year up until 2020. The occupancy rate for hotels hovers around 80%, and Copenhagen will add 8,000 hotel rooms over the next four years. The obvious draws for the city are the architecture, design, sustainability and diversity–according to the country’s tourism board.

2017 brought 28 million tourists to the country. Unseasonably warm weather and a booming culinary scene are two possible reasons that tourism in this country continues to flourish.

What is the next hotspot to visit on your travel list?

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