Welcome to the #FridayFive! This week, we are sharing five wellness influencers with an eye on travel that inspire us to meditate, explore and live with intention.

1. Olivia Christine Perez (@ochristine)

Olivia shares her personal wellness journey to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives. By sharing her own struggle with autoimmune disease and highlighting her travel experiences both abroad and in her home base in the NYC region, Perez demonstrates how wellness adventures can be accessible to many, despite difficult circumstances.

2. Davida Lederle (@thehealthymaven)

For those who want to take their journey to health and happiness in sustainable, baby steps, Davida’s approach is a promising one. This certified yoga teacher emphasizes the importance of balance and improving one’s quality of life, rather than allowing wellness to become an obsession. Davida inspires her followers to relieve stress by getting outdoors and exploring as she does, both in her home region of San Francisco and beyond.

3. Cait Fraser (@wildwellnesstravel)

Cait’s Wild Wellness Travel project curates exclusive and experience-based wellness travel for aspiring coaches and corporate retreats. Her page is dotted with eye-catching destinations around the world, highlighting luxury properties, remote locations and meditation-encouraging views. These gorgeous spots have us itching to go on a soul-searching adventure!

4. Megan Faletra (@thewellessentials)

Megan’s list of educational credentials in health and nutrition show that when it comes to sustainable foods, this influencer knows what she’s talking about. Her tips for clean eating, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and becoming a conscious consumer are accompanied by aesthetically enticing photos that make her followers want to dive in and join the cause.

5. Alison Wu (@alison_wu)

This Pacific-Northwest blogger takes healthy living into a new realm of aesthetic. Alison explores many areas of wellness, from nutritious recipes to meditation and self-empowerment, sprinkled with design inspo and beauty tips like jade-rolling. Following her wellness journey can almost be a meditation in itself; soft-hued and dreamy images transport her fans to a peaceful space where beauty can be found in the simplest of places.

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About the Author, Sophia Flores-Istin

Sophia Flores-Istin is a social media specialist with a passion for all things wine and travel, which has taken her across the globe and through some of the world’s finest wine regions. Upon returning to her home in Sonoma Wine Country, Sophia jumped right into the front lines of the local wine industry. Her experience in wine sales and hospitality exposed her to a wide array of wines and introduced her to marketing strategies in the wine business. She’s thrilled to join McCue as a storyteller and digital content creator, and continues to be a passionate traveler and language learner. Her next language: German!

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