College students promoting brands online, teens plan the family itineraries, California celebrates wine in September, lack of vacation links to depression and California cannabis goes luxury. Read on for these stories and more of the week’s trends and news on today’s Friday Five.

1. Online brand promotion is becoming the hot college gig

As students are returning to their college campuses, they’re back to daily interaction in person and on social media. According to the NY Times article, online brand promotion is an easy, low-pressure way to make extra money or get free products for busy students and is a simple way to reach young people for marketers. Companies have outlined expectations for the students such as creating weekly sponsored Instagram posts, using specific hashtags or promotions and even holding or attending events on campus.

How would you partner with college students to promote your brand?

2. Teenagers are being enlisted to plan the family trips

Multi-generational travel has been on the rise within the past five years. While the teenagers aren’t the ones who are paying for the trips, they are considered the company’s most important demographics according to Skift. Skift launched an industry-first Teen Advisory Panel and it was found that the majority of teenagers actually want to learn about the countries’ cultures and traditions and not spend the whole time on social media. Teens are social media savvy and are good at finding the new or the upcoming thing. Letting teenagers take control of planning the itinerary can help them feel their opinions are important and make them feel more involved in creating a better experience for the whole family.  

How can your brand get teens more involved in planning their next family trip?

3. California celebrates wine in September

September is California Wine Month and this is the 14th annual celebration of the Golden State’s 250-year winegrowing history that recognizes the achievements of California vintners and growers in preserving tradition and driving innovation. California is the world’s fourth-largest wine producer and the source of 81% of the wine made in the United States. Attracting 24 million people each year, California is also the most visited state in the U.S. for food and wine-related activities.

How can your brand attract visitors to your area to celebrate food or wine?

4. New study links lack of vacation to depression

According to a Travel Pulse article, there is a link between not taking a vacation and depression identified as Vacation Deficit Disorder. The article states that a vacation deficit is defined as “Americans who think that an annual vacation is important, but who are not confident that they will take one this year.” Underutilizing vacation time can have a negative effect on health and well-being.  

What stories are you telling to entice visitors to enjoy their vacation time at your destination?

5. Canned wine sales increase by 43% from 2017 to 2018

Photo by Meg Baggott

Canned wine is no longer a fad; it’s a $45 million business, according to Nielsen Data. Its popularity is growing among Millenials, which comes as no surprise because they have less disposable income to spend on wine. They’re easier to recycle and can be brought to more places, such as campgrounds and pools. The surge in popularity of canned wine has led to a massive boom in the number of brands launching their own cans, including big names like Barefoot, Trader Joe’s Simpler Wines and Francis Ford Coppola. Despite its surge in popularity, critics argue that it doesn’t have the same romance as a traditional bottle and that it may reduce aromas and taste.

How does your brand feel about canned wine? Could you incorporate it into your winery’s sustainability efforts?

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Julia Brodnick

About the Author, Julia Brodnick

As a Digital Media Coordinator with McCue Communications, Julia puts her experience and instinctive understanding of online communities to work for the agency’s social media clients, creating and sharing content that inspires audiences to engage and learn more. Since her ever-expanding world of interests also includes travel, food experiences, craft beer and wine discoveries, she throws herself into representing McCue’s tourism, culinary and wine clients with genuine enthusiasm and a keen interest in sharing what makes each brand special.

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