Welcome to the #FridayFive! This week, we are sharing five adventure travelers that will leave you inspired with wanderlust.

1. Josh McNair (@CalifrniaThroughMyLens)

We all know California is beautiful, but Josh shows us its hidden gems. With his love for travel and photography, he has become a specialist when it comes to exploring the golden state. From the lush landscape of Ladden National Park to the coasts of San Diego, you can catch a glimpse of all the state’s unique and quirky places to explore.

2. Trevor Morrow (@trevormorrow)

Trevor has a particular love for the great outdoors. You can feel the ocean breeze and smell the fresh pine just by looking at the Los Angeles-based influencer’s posts. His adventures highlight the best of every season, making you envious of a snowy day and anxious to dust off your waders to enjoy a sun-filled fishing trip on a lake.

3. Liz Carlson (@youngadventuress)

This solo female traveler provides an honest manifesto of life, love and fun while traveling. She now calls New Zealand home and travels the globe, giving insight to the shining wonders that live abroad and in the United States.

4. Matt Gibson (@xpatmatt)

Matt combines his expertise in travel writing with his passion for discovery and a knack for photography to share comprehensive stories about the world around us. Adventure is a state of being for this native Canadian and he takes you on a journey with impactful and stunning photos.

5. Christy Woodrow (@ordinarytraveler)

There is nothing average about Christy Woodrow. Taking on the globe with her husband Scott, the San Diego-based influencer gives you tips on how to live your best life by immersing themselves in nature. All of their trips lead you to discover an unexpected destination to enjoy a vacation, getaway or solo adventure.

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Leonard McIntosh

About the Author, Leonard McIntosh

After two years spent supporting public relations and social media teams at organizations such as the Newport Beach Film Festival and The Ace Agency in Orange County, Leonard joined McCue in 2016 and quickly worked his way up from PR Assistant to Account Coordinator. A passionate traveler, Leonard lived in Florence, Italy for a summer, which served as home base for his travels through Europe. During his college tenure at CSU Fullerton, where he received his B.A. in Communications, he served as VP of Public Relations for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. He brings both his love of travel and communications skills to the job, supporting clients with media research, pitching, writing, social media content development and reporting.

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