Travel could help end everyone’s obsessive use of smartphones, millions rely on YouTube as the ultimate teacher, and tips to help make winter travel a breeze. Read on for these stories and more of the week’s trends and news on today’s Friday Five.

1. Experts recommend booking these airlines to avoid delays as you travel this winter.

Each holiday season, thousands of travelers head to social media to share their frustrations over flight delays, often tweeting photos and videos chronicling the hours spent in an airport as they wait for news on when their flights will be rescheduled or rerouted. With hopes of helping travelers stick to their winter travel plans, experts have put together a list of the most dependable domestic and international airlines. Among the airlines named are Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Delta Airlines, all of which boast an on-time rate of 84 percent or more. Additionally, Hawaiian Airlines was the only American airline to earn five stars from the organization who put the list together.

In your experience, which airline do you find most reliable in terms of arriving at your destination on time?

2. Before you take off, follow these tips to make sure that your winter travel experience is smooth sailing.

In case you do find yourself having to deal with a canceled or delayed flight, Food & Wine has published a list of apps and gadgets to help make your winter travel experience easier. Trackdot, a device that uses GSM technology, can keep track of your luggage’s location 24/7 with the use of an accompanying smartphone app. The strange-yet-awesome Ostrich Pillow is a personal favorite. It wraps around your head, covering your eyes and ears so that you can fall asleep anywhere without being disturbed.

What are your must-have travel accessories?

3. Thinking of a winter vacation? Consider traveling to one of these cities, named among the best winter/holiday destinations.

As the holiday season approaches, some people dream of dashing through the snow, admiring the holiday décor. Others wish they could dash as far away from the snow as possible. WalletHub has ranked the top American cities to travel to this winter for fans of cold and warmer climates. Among the top cold-weather destinations are Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. The top warm-weather destinations include Las Vegas, Orlando, and the sunny Southern California metros of Los Angeles and San Diego.

Where is your favorite place to travel during the holiday season?

4. Could travel be the key to ending our smartphone obsession? This author believes so.

America’s obsession with smartphones is no secret, and author Blake Snow has written a book describing how he found the key to reducing screen time. Snow was on vacation with his family in Montana, where they were unable to use their devices because of poor connectivity. They instead explored nature, played board games together, and bonded. This led to Snow creating digital boundaries that have improved both his personal and professional life, and his family now goes on a “digital fast” twice a year.

How often do you unplug from social media and smartphone use?

5. Adulting is hard. A recent survey suggests that more than half of all YouTube viewers use the site to learn how to do things they have not done before.

A recent Pew research study has found that approximately 51 percent of YouTube users, or about 35 percent of all American adults, rely on the video sharing platform to learn how to do new things, such as making slime, how to tie a tie, or how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Of those surveyed for the Pew study, 28 percent stated that they use YouTube just to pass the time, while 19 percent of the respondents said that they mostly use YouTube “to help them understand what’s going on in the world.”

What types of videos do you enjoy watching on YouTube?

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