We all know summer vacations are a necessity, but what about a fall getaway? Think of it as an early gift to yourself before the busy holiday season. If you haven’t already booked your flights, here are a few tips to help you plan the best fall trip.

1. Make your own definition of fall

Fall isn’t just about pumpkin patches and colorful leaves. Despite a drop in temperature, the seasonal change opens up many possibilities for travelers to explore almost any destination with enjoyable weather. Your definition of fall could include sunbathing, snuggling up or a little bit of both.

Fall could look a lot like summer. Stylish travel blogger and photographer John Philip Thompson III opted for a few days in the Caribbean under the palm trees instead of crushing leaves.

Photo credit: @johnphilp3

Fashionable couple Robert and Christina of New Darlings tapped into the traditional ideas of fall with a few days in Flagstaff, Arizona. It definitely included crisp leaves, cool breezes, boots and layers!

Photo credit: @newdarlings

While some may enjoy autumn’s warm hues, others, like Jay McDonald, may enjoy a colder setting in the mountains. Winter is coming, but McDonald took an early plunge into the cold by taking a picturesque trip into the Canadian Rockies in Alberta’s Jasper National Park.

Photo credit: @jayrmcdonald

2. Prepare for sun, snow and everything else

The weather is a bit temperamental this time of year, so with every destination, you have to plan for both the familiar and the unknown. Trying to get everything ready for a trip takes some effort, so we love when there are a few guides to help us out.

Family travel blog Y Travel clued us in on how to enjoy the season on the East Coast. From fall foliage guides to knowing where to go, they offer a detailed guide to experiencing New England this time of year.

Photo credit: @ytravelblog

San Francisco fashionista and travel blogger Kara Harms provides an extensive guide on how to pack for your getaway. Whether it be five days hiking in the mountains or two weeks in Europe, she provides more than a few tips and tricks on getting ready for a successful trip.

Photo credit: @thewhimsysoul

Like Jay McDonald, travel blogger Renee Hahnel is getting a jump start in exploring some colder destinations by preparing us for late fall and early winter with a complete hiking and camping guide. For those interested in more adventure, she provides a detailed list of how to plan for a cold hiking endeavor and what you’ll need to enjoy the journey.

Photo credit: @reneeroaming

3. Don’t be afraid of fashion

You’ve picked your destination and researched what you need, so now it’s time to live your best life in style!

San Francisco YouTuber and fashion blogger Ally Chen adds a bit of color to her wardrobe with a combination of lush sweaters and medium-weight coats, leaving her comfortable and colorful this season.

Photo credit: @fashionbyally

Robert and Christina of New Darlings are making the most of the season by venturing into their seasonal travels with an array of prints and textures, adding an extra layer to their desert adventures.

Photo credit: @newdarlings

Rounding out on the warmer side of fall, L.A.-based blogger J Fig layers up in shirts and jackets, pairing them with matching boots to enjoy the sun and embrace the cool breezes to come.

Photo credit: @rule_of_thumbs

With these tips in mind, where are you going for your next fall getaway?

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