Airbnb hosts a sleepover at The Louvre, Shell ventures into eco-friendly travel, Americans are traveling more internationally, a cosmetic brand moves away from social media, and Adidas uses an iPhone feature to market new products during Coachella. Read on for these new developments and more.

Airbnb raises the bar with an exceptional experiential marketing campaign

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Run the world like Jay-Z and Beyonce with an unforgettable night exploring The Louvre! AirBnb holds true to its commitment to providing unique experiences with its latest partnership with The Louvre in Paris. The giveaway features an exclusive one-night stay in a custom “mini pyramid” mimicking the museum’s glass structure to celebrate its 30th anniversary. One lucky winner and their guest will enjoy a variety of lavish activities, including a private tour with an art historian, an extravagant feast in a pop-up dining room and an intimate acoustic concert in Napoleon III’s lavish Apartments, all while surrounded by historic pieces of artwork.

What exclusive experiences can your brand create that will fully immerse audiences into your key mission and values?

Shell launches The Great Travel Hack

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The oil and gas company created a YouTube video series to inform audiences about numerous means of alternative low- to no- emissions transportation. Through the guise of content and competition, The Amazing Race-esque series chronicles two teams composed of digital influencers as they travel 3,000 miles. Their challenge is to complete the whirlwind US road trip while expelling the lowest CO2 emissions with assistance from Shell’s Mission Control.

Social responsibility is growing in prominence in regards to branding, marketing and company deliverables. What causes might facilitate a new opportunity for your brand to tell a key story through a lens of social good?

Americans hit a record number in international travel

If you made a trip outside of the U.S. last year, congratulations! You played a part in setting a record-breaking trend for tourism. According to an article published by TravelPulse, 93 million departures were made from the United States. Almost half of Americans (45% of 93 million travelers) flew to overseas destinations. Europe saw the largest increase of American travelers while destinations such as Asia, Oceania and South America also made the rank of top travel destinations.

What do you think motivated Americans to travel beyond our country’s borders? How can your brand tap into these motivations?

Cosmetic company Lush takes a step back from social media to be more “social”

Photo Credit Marketing Week

This is a social media detox, but on an extreme level. An article on Marketing Week says the socially conscious cosmetic brand, Lush UK, has decided to exclude themselves from their established social media accounts to establish a stronger connection with their customers.  Lush UK hopes that this stance will allow more diverse voices to be heard as they encourage more one-on-one social interaction with customers to connect via chat through their website, email or telephone.  

Is it possible that social media has become a crux to consumer experiences? Are there other ways your company can facilitate meaningful interaction without the use of social media?

Adidas surprised music lovers with the Airdrop of their dreams at Coachella

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Adidas partnered with the Coachella music festival’s headlining artist Donald Glover to grant fans first dibs on its unreleased shoe collaboration. Using AirDrop (an exclusive wireless transfer service utilized by Apple devices,) the artist requested to send a photo to all Coachella 2019 attendees. Those who accepted the request received an image of the new shoes with an offer to redeem a free pair of “The Nizzas” to wear during the festival.

Tech offers infinite opportunities to reach target audiences in new and interesting ways. What kinds of opportunities can your brand tap into?

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