New Michelin stars in California, Gen Z’s impact on travel spending, bottled cocktails are all the rage and Airbnb’s newest offering. Read on for these new developments and more.

Michelin Guide releases the first-ever California Guide

California is the first state in the U.S. to host a statewide Michelin restaurant guide, but not everyone in the Golden State is enthused. Some have raised eyebrows at Michelin’s paid partnership with Visit California, the state tourism board, while others feel that many notable restaurants were overlooked. For example, all three-star restaurants in the state are located in the Bay Area, as previously published in the San Francisco Guide, while none are in Los Angeles.

Are there any Michelin-starred dining establishments in your destination? How do you think these ratings could help or hurt your destination?

Why your travel brand needs to start paying attention to Gen Z right now


Most of Generation Z is still not old enough to purchase alcohol, so why do we need to start paying attention now? According to, Gen Z will represent 40% of all consumers by 2020. They can influence their parents’ travel spending choices, even before they are old enough to make travel choices themselves. Gen Z has grown up with Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Youtube at their fingertips, offering a myriad of travel ideas and resources that earlier generations did not have at that age, making them the most likely generation to travel. When these youngsters finally start earning a high enough income with discretionary spending dollars, they might want to use it to hit up your destination. 

How are you investing in Gen Z?

Pre-batched bottled cocktails are the next it-drink trend popping up in more places than retail shelves.

BTL SVC/SevenFifty

Cocktail to go? A great possibility thanks to the new trend of ready-to-drink bottled premium cocktails. Bars and restaurants have seen a resurgence in craft cocktails within the last decade, with cocktail lists featuring unique recipes made with fresh ingredients, syrups, garnishes and bitters, in addition to the hard stuff. These bottled, craft cocktails are now being bottled and stocked in hotel minibars, airports lounges, theatres and more stops along travel routes. 

How can your brand adopt these new bottled craft cocktails to enhance your guests’ experiences

Airbnb rolls out a new, all-encompassing travel experience:  Airbnb Adventures 

Airbnb branched out of the overnight accommodations sphere in 2016 with Airbnb Experiences, offering customers curated activities in destinations. And now, they have launched Airbnb Adventures, an all-inclusive option that offers everything: meals, experiences and accommodations. “All you need to do is show up.” This service expands on Airbnb’s original value: one-of-a-kind, unique travel that is anything but commonplace. Each Adventure is either exclusive to Airbnb or offered by a local vendor that you can’t find on a mass booking site.  

How do you showcase one-of-a-kind adventures in your destination?  

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