HBO launches a social good campaign, how voice-enabled services can help you with travel plans and content creation tips from Instagram. Read on for these new developments and more.

HBO uses its own original content to bring awareness to mental illness


HBO launched the “It’s OK” campaign to spark conversation around mental illness. The network partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) to create PSAs based on the events that take place during their programs. “By building bumper ads and doctor commentaries on specific episodes and scenes, the network is in effect turning its own programming into a PSA.” The campaign kicked-off on Mental Health Awareness Day, October 10.

What causes align with your brand and how can you repurpose your content to connect with audiences while telling a larger story?

SimpleView develops destination-focused service for voice-enabled devices

Alexa, what events are happening in Los Angeles next week? The tourism-focused digital agency SimpleView is developing a service that allows customers to receive travel information via Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The service will provide travel suggestions to users using adapted voice technology. The goal of the app is to increase the benefits of voice devices in regards to tourism. The travel information will initially be supplied by SimpleView’s database and maintained by tourism organizations or a third party.

Voice-enabled devices are becoming a standard household item. What technology can your brand integrate into its workflow to easily connect with consumers?

Millennials trade in party vacations for experiential escapades

It seems like the days of the wild, post-exam, Spring Break vacations are over. When it comes to traveling. Millennials are booking vacations that portray them on social media as well-traveled and cultured individuals, which includes visiting off-the-beaten-path destinations, lodging in quirky accommodations and avoiding popular tourist attractions.

How does your destination appeal to young travelers who are building their personal and professional personas on Instagram?

Instagram shares tips and how-tos for content creation

Is your content noteworthy if no one clicks “Like” on social media? In an effort to assist businesses in creating engaging content, Instagram has provided tips and suggestions on creating captivating visual content for the platform. The thoughtful guides include detailed step-by-step points on how to plan, what to capture and how to post for increased success. They touch on topics such as captivating photos and videos, selling products and planning for the holidays.

Instagram knows what works on their platform. How will you incorporate these tips into your content creation and social media marketing?

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Leonard McIntosh

About the Author, Leonard McIntosh

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