IPW Booth Design + Management

Client: San Bernadino County

GoalEducate international and domestic travel trade and media about San Bernardino County as an exciting destination for outdoor adventure and exploring Route 66 culture.

Capabilities: Creative, Trade Relations

Actions: We designed a contemporary, portable trade show booth that utilized video and large format photography to immerse tour operators and buyers in the County’s “California’s Outdoor Playground” experience. Secured appointments with buyers and journalists from key target markets, such as China and Australia, to develop leads and media coverage.

ResultsEducated more than 40 buyers and 30 international journalists about San Bernardino County’s plethora of outdoor and cultural experiences. Followed up leads post-show to invite operators on FAM tours of the region in order to build relationships with stakeholders and facilitate the creation of tour packages.

san bernadino booth, travel trade relations

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