Julia Brodnick, Digital Media Coordinator

A digital native with a flare for fashion, a passion for gaming, and a knack for visual storytelling, Julia Brodnick is wired for social media marketing.

As a model, musician and well-known gamer in her “spare” time, Julia’s varied interests and boundless energy have led her on many adventures in both the real and digital worlds. In the digital space, she live-streams, blogs and has garnered her own personal fan-base across multiple media and social media channels. IRL (in real life) she has worked in branded spaces handling everything from event coordination to product demonstrations to talent acquisition.

As a Digital Media Coordinator with McCue Communications, she puts her experience and instinctive understanding of online communities to work for the agency’s social media clients, creating and sharing content that inspires audiences to engage and learn more. Since her ever-expanding world of interests also includes travel, food experiences, craft beer and wine discoveries, she throws herself into representing McCue’s tourism, culinary and wine clients with genuine enthusiasm and a keen interest in sharing what makes each brand special.

Born and raised in Southern California, Julia holds a bachelor’s degree from CSU Fullerton with a major in Sociology and a minor in Communications.

Julia Brodnick