Olivia Schaefers

Wine Team Public Relations Intern

Olivia joined team McCue in June 2018 as an intern supporting the wine division with a focus on media visits and social media content. Her favorite aspect of public relations is cultivating meaningful brand messages to share with the public.

Her love for food, wine, travel and people are reflected in her personal and professional experiences. As a Sonoma County native, she has grown up surrounded by vineyards and farm fresh meals. Olivia is a strong believer that food and wine are building blocks to the authentic culture of Sonoma County and the welcoming nature of the area is something that should be appreciated by all.

Olivia had the opportunity to indulge her travel bug in 2017 when she studied abroad in Seville, Spain for five months and in turn, visited eight countries and 19 cities. She would love to practice her spanish in South America next!

In her free time, you can find Olivia lounging at the beach, getting creative in the kitchen, riding her bike in the sunshine, or going on adventures to amazing places with friends. Her guilty pleasure is thrift shopping, nothing makes her happier than a good deal!

Olivia will graduate from Chapman University in Spring 2019 with a degree in Strategic and Corporate Communication and minor in Public Relations.