SBC Travel and Adventure Show

Challenge, Situation or Problem We Solved: Increase consumer awareness of San Bernardino County as a desirable outdoor recreation destination.

Strategy / Approach / Solution We Developed: We participated in a consumer-friendly event, the Travel and Adventure Show. The trade show allows the client to have a directly visible presence to consumers. The Travel and Adventure Shows are one of the Largest series of travel shows in the United States, hosting events throughout the county. Focusing on Los Angeles and San Diego travel shows, we hosted a booth on the behalf of our client.

Tactics / Specific Steps We Took to Get Results: We designed an engaging booth with a custom backdrop and open flow configuration. During the travel shows, we facilitated interactive activities enticing attendees to prolong their stay at our booth, engage with us and learn more about the destination. As an incentive, we hosted a destination giveaway advertising a free trip to experience the mountain and desert attractions of San Bernardino County


  • Generation X travelers (55 +)
  • Family travelers (5 – 65)


  • Corresponded with more than 10 new media outlets
  • Interacted and provided tourism-based information to over 1000 consumers
  • Curated more than 200 attendee email addresses

Travel & Tourism Marketing and PR

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