Drinking with Chickens

We are excited to introduce you to our friend Kate, a.k.a. @DrinkingwithChickens.

If you aren’t following her yet, she is known for enjoying great wine and homegrown cocktails with some rather judgey friends. And by friends, we mean chickens. And by chickens, we mean chickens. Literally chickens… in L.A.

“Humans have always had a romance with travel. When we leave home we go in search of the unknown, and part of that is an internal journey. Heroes go on quests and come home wiser and richer. We’re all our own heroes.”

Los Angeles PR Firm

McCue Communications is a PR firm located in Burbank, CA. Our boutique agency specializes in public relations and marketing in the wine and spirits industry. Altogether, our team has over 30 years of experience in the wine sector. In addition to this, we focus largely on travel, tourism, and lifestyle brands. Team McCue is compromised of talented individuals with backgrounds ranging from marketing to sommeliers and PR coordinators. We keep our finger on the pulse to deliver the best results for our clients.